Police chief in Kanowit directs massive queues at RHB Bank, urges public to observe physical distancing

DSP Tega advising the people not to stand too close to one another as they queue at the bank.

KANOWIT, May 28: Long queues in front of RHB Bank here has prompted district police chief DSP Tega Bilong to rush to the scene, advising those involved to observe physical distancing.

With Gawai approaching, locals, especially those from longhouses are coming out in droves to buy necessities in preparation of the celebration and coming Movement Control Order (MCO) which is scheduled to come into effect tomorrow (May 29).

According to DSP Tega, the situation was under control following his advice to those waiting in line.

“It is understandable that they have to withdraw money to buy Gawai goodies. They only have to observe physical distancing of at least one metre considering that Covid-19 is still in our midst,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said he would send his men to conduct random checks at longhouses in the district during Gawai.

The checks will be aimed at ensuring that longhouse folk celebrating the harvest festival adhere strictly to the standard operating procedures for Gawai.

“We will still be holding roadblocks as from tomorrow onwards, we will be undergoing the MCO,” he said.

However the roadblock at Majau Bridge will be shifted to Nanga Pak in Jalan Penyulau. The other roadblock at the roundabout of the old road to Kanowit from Sibu remains where it is, he said. — DayakDaily