Pandelela has won medals, made Malaysia proud many times, says Abdullah Saidol

Datuk Abdullah Saidol

KUCHING, Aug 11: Datuk Pandelela Rinong Pamg has won competitions and made Malaysia proud many times, says Datuk Abdullah Saidol.

Abdullah Saidol, who is the Deputy Minister in the Premier’s Department (Corporate Affairs and Ukas) in a Facebook post yesterday (Aug 10) said out of 30 million Malaysian, only a handful bear the responsibility as national athletes representing the country, which is not easy to achieve.

He pointed out that 104 athletes comprising 67 men and 37 women represented Malaysia at the recent Commonwealth Games in 16 events.

“Every time she wins or whichever of the country’s representative wins, the Malaysian flag flies majestically and Malaysia’s national anthem echoes in front of the world,” he said.

Meanwhile, Abdullah also expressed his disappointment with a national daily’s headline on Pandalela’s performance at the recent Commonwealth Games 2022.

He said that it is uncalled for the national daily to print such a headline on the national diver as national athletes are human and they surely feel disappointed too when they lose.

“We are also disappointed but don’t forget the sacrifices of those who bring the name of Malaysia on to the stage and in the eyes of the world.

“Don’t only praise and support them when they win, and make fun of them when they lose,” he added.

Yesterday, Minister for Youth, Sports and Entrepreneur Development Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah also expressed his unhappiness over the national daily’s headline about Pandalela’s performance. — DayakDaily