Organisations collaborate to reduce harvest wastage, elevate Lun Bawang traditional farmers potential

Peter (second left) and Samuil-Ashton (second right) holding the MoU formalising the agriculture partnership between Ko-Maligan and SEEC witnessed by others recently.

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KUCHING, Aug 10: Koperasi Kemajuan Maligan Lawas Bhd (Ko-Maligan) has partnered with Society of Socio-Economic Empowerment Coalition of the Lun Bawang Traders and Hawkers (SEEC) to enhance skills of traditional Lun Bawang farmers in Lawas district, ensure consistent market for their harvests to reduce wastage and unlock their potential as thriving contributors to the Sarawak agriculture landscape.

Both parties have formalised their collaboration recently through the signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU), with the aim to establish these traditional farmers as agriculture partners or ‘Rakan Tani’ for the Ko-Maligan network.

According to a press statement, the collaboration entails the implementation of agriculture projects, including the cultivation of crops like ‘Sacha Inchi’, maize for animal feed, and various local rice varieties.

Additionally, Ko-Maligan commits to purchasing the harvested crops from these traditional farmers.

Ko-Maligan chairman Dr Samuil-Ashton Satu emphasised that traditional farmers, often lacking established market connections, frequently face the unfortunate circumstance of not having fixed buyers for their harvested crops.

“This situation often leads to significant wastage of their hard-earned produce. Recognising this challenge, our collaborative initiative between Ko-Maligan and SEEC aims to empower these traditional farmers on their journey towards enhanced success and prosperity.

“By uniting the expertise and resources of both organisations, we strive to create a transformative platform for these farmers,” he explained in the statement today.

Through this collaborative effort, he said that they intend to break the cycle of crop wastage and enable these farmers to unlock their full potential as thriving contributors to the agricultural landscape in Sarawak.

Samuil-Ashton further stressed that their commitment extends beyond the cultivation phase with dedication to equipping traditional farmers with the necessary knowledge, tools, and support to make informed decisions about their farming practices.

“By facilitating training, technical guidance, and sustainable farming methods, we aspire to elevate their agricultural endeavors and pave the way for a more prosperous future,” he added.

SEEC deputy president Peter Asut pointed out that Ko-Maligan and SEEC are dedicated to championing the cause of traditional farmers, fostering a more equitable agricultural sector, and ensuring that their dedication and hard work translate into tangible success.

“Through this collaboration, we aim to create a sustainable pathway for these farmers to overcome challenges, reduce wastage, and ultimately thrive as prosperous contributors to their communities and the broader agricultural industry,” he said.

Through this MoU, Ko-Maligan will provide technical expertise, training and guidance for effective cultivation practices; supply necessary seeds, fertilisers and other agricultural inputs as required; monitor and assess the progress of the respective agricultural projects and purchase all harvested crops from the Rakan Tani of SEEC at a fair market prices. — DayakDaily