Naughty cat learns not to play with fish hooks the hard way

A firefighter showing the hook pierced through the cat’s mouth.

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SRI AMAN, Jan 16: A cat had to be cut free by firefighters after she got a metal fish hook trapped in her mouth.

The super curious furry animal was taken to the Sri Aman fire station by her concerned owner Diana Jemak David at 8.30pm yesterday.

Firefighters discovered that the fish hook pierced through the left side of the cat’s mouth.

Despite the pain, the friendly cat was very calm and didn’t fight back as firefighters worked their way to take the hook out.

With special tools and their careful skills, it took firefighters about 8 minutes to cut and remove the hook.

Amazingly, the kitten remained calm as firefighters cleaned her wound with medicine.

She was strong enough to go home, a little woozy but otherwise unscathed, after the whole ordeal. —DayakDaily

Firefighters with special tools patiently cut and removed the hook from the cat’s mouth.
The cat with a metal fish hook trapped in her mouth.