Nasi Lemak Rasta finds its way to hearts of RWMF-goers

Mamjit (left) and her family preparing her delicious nasi lemak at the Food Bazaar tent at RWMF 2019 held at SCV.

By Emellia Tamoh

KUCHING, July 14:  The Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2019 not only offers world music but food of world class.

Like legendary Mathew Ngau Jau’s music which managed to find its way to the hearts of RWMF-goers,  Nasi Lemak Rasta of Manjeet Sidhu somehow opened the taste buds of the festival celebrators.

The hot and humid weather had not stopped the visitors from enjoying the hot and spicy nasi lemak of Manjeet at Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV).

It was such a hit that some customers even came back up to four times a day.

“This is because we are the cheapest among all,” said Manjeet who attributed the success of her stall to her team.

The popular Nasi Lemak Rasta was sold for RM5, the cheapest meal anyone could find in RWMF 2019.  There were many other stalls available for festival-goers who might want to take the opportunity to savour the variety of local food and cuisine.

According to Sarjit Singh, a family member of Manjeet,  Nasi Lemak Rasta was not all about making profit but also a good fun time as a team.

“When we came out with the idea of Nasi Lemak Rasta, it was an unanimous decision.”

“Every step of the way in making our nasi lemak, we do it together, from buying the ingredients to frying of chicken and the making of the fragrant rice,” said Sarjit.

He emphasized that working together as a team, they made many attempts and through trials and errors, they perfected Nasi Lemak Rasta to perfection.

This was the first time Manjeet and her team took part in selling food in RWMF, despite this being the 22nd year since its inception. — DayakDaily