International festival-goers give big thumbs-up to RWMF2019

A visitor putting his blowpipe skills to the test at the RWMF2019 activity pit.

By Wilfred Pilo and Emellia Tamoh

KUCHING, July 14: The hot and humid weather on the Santubong Peninsula did little to deter festival-goers from having fun on the last day of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2019 at Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV).

PhD student Dajun Wang and his cousin Dabin Wang from Singapore said they were mesmerised by the festival atmosphere.

Dajun (left) and his cousin Dajin at RWMF2019.

“Overall, the festival has a really vibrant and lively setting. We love the variety of music they have here. It is really energetic.

“The scenic view of mount Santubong is an added bonus,” said Dajun when met by the DayakDaily team at the festival venue.

Dabin who echoed his cousin’s sentiments opined that as a festival-goer, RWMF is worth coming back for.

Meanwhile, American visitors Rachel and Lauren revealed that it is their first time attending RWMF and that the three-day festival had exceeded their expectations.

Rachel (left ) and Lauren at RWMF2019.

“There are so many things to do here like the dance workshop, Sape tutorials and so on. Despite having a lot of workshops, the entire event are very well-organised,” Rachel said.

Both Americans said it was very convenient for concert-goers to come to the festival using the shuttle bus service as they were staying at an Airbnb in Kuching city.

Meanwhile, spotted near a barbeque pit eating grilled catfish were Hyang Eim Shin and Amos Goh who are from South Korea and Singapore respectively.

Goh enjoying grilled catfish with Hyang at a food stall at RWMF2019.

“The way they cook catfish here is really different than in Korea,” Hyang said.

“In Korea, catfish is cooked in a sour and spicy soup with vegetables and tofu added while here the catfish is grilled on an open fire.”

While waiting for the night-time concert to start, visitors also tried their skills at various traditional games like top-spinning and pipe-blowing at the SCV activity pit. — DayakDaily