Miri Council says ‘no’ to illegal ads, cautions legal action against culprits

Miri City Council enforcement team removing illegal advertisement.

MIRI, Dec 3: The authorities are considering legal action against owners or contractors who hang illegal advertisement banners, warns Miri City Council (MCC).

Sterner action against illegal advertisement which includes fishtails and so forth was decided by the council after their committee level meeting which was endorsed at the full council meeting recently.

“Such illegal activities have become more rampant and the situation is getting out of control. MCC has decided to intensify our enforcement and possible action will include compounding the owners or contractors. Should they fail to heed, the council will consider instituting legal action.

“Under the Local Authorities (Advertisements) By-Laws 2012, any person who contravenes any provisions of the By-Laws or commits an offence with any conditions imposed on the licence, the penalty a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit and imprisonment not exceeding 6 months, and, in the case of a continuing offence, a further fine not exceeding two hundred ringgit for each day during which the offence continues,” MCC said in a statement.

They urged those concerned to cease such illegal practices in light of the heavy penalty imposed by the laws.

Prior to this, the Council said they had acted to remove and seized illegal advertisements at public places.

In October, 263 pieces had been seized and the numbers were about the same in November.

The council’s inspection team reported illegal materials found nailed onto landscape trees, public utility poles and other public facilities.

“Apart from damaging public properties, such irresponsible and illegal practices have caused littering and untidiness that affect the outlook of Miri city. Furthermore, the advertisements are causing view obstruction to drivers and which can be a potential road safety hazard and possible road accidents,” the statement added.- DayakDaily