Boys return bag with valuables, cash to owner, MBKS lauds their honesty

Dominic (left) and Evan showing the Certificates of Appreciation honoured to them by MBKS.

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Dec 3: Honesty is one rare quality these days but two boys from Tabuan Jaya proved just that when they returned a bag with valuable items including a big amount of cash to the rightful owner.

Today, 16-year-old Dominic Nyuen and 12-year-old Evan Angelo have been awarded Certificates of Appreciation and other tokens for their good deed by Kuching South City Council (MBKS).

Dominic, who is with speech impairment, and his sister were hanging around at Tabuan Park when they noticed a black bag lying around.

They did not take or open the bag but Dominic went to Evan’s house to tell him of the encounter. So the two boys went back to the park to check on the bag which was still there.

They then took the bag and turned it into Tabuan Jaya Neighbourhood Watch (KRT) member known only as Jacky.

Upon opening the bag, they found identification documents, valuable items and a substantial amount of cash. They then went to look for the owner based on the address detail on the identity card and subsequently reunited the bag with the owner.

The owner, who wanted to remain anonymous, was very thankful as they were anxious and sad after accidentally dropping the bag.

The innocent boys were happy to have been recognised and awarded for the small deed.

When asked why they decided to return the bag, Evan said: “I learned it from watching television so I figured this is the right thing to do.”

“My parents also often tell us to return things that don’t belong to us,” he added.

Dominic did not express much, except giving a nod that he was happy, as Evan was not able to use proper sign language to communicate his feelings upon receiving the rewards.

Meanwhile, MBKS Mayor Dato Wee Hong Seng praised the two kids for showing honesty and integrity in returning the valuables to the rightful owner.

“The kids don’t come from a rich background but their conscience is clear. As such, their honesty and integrity should be highlighted to inspire others and our community to do the same,” he commended.

The council, he emphasised, was more than happy to give honour to people for such a simple act of kindness as these were the qualities and values that “we all should be ingrained with”.

“Whatever kind of city we want to create, but without people of honesty and integrity, it will not be able to move forward.”

“They are setting a good example for our community. I think the Tabuan Jaya KRT is doing a good job in their roles and tasks which has also helped in inculcating good values and sense of belonging among the people,” he said.

Wee also urged other KRT or community associations to follow in the footsteps of Tabuan Jaya KRT as their small part will complement aspects that the council may be lacking to create a safe and liveable city for all.

“I’m also very appreciative as the KRT has been very successful. I think community groups or associations can play their part and assist the councils in this aspect.

“As I have always said, city hall doesn’t belong to anyone but everyone. So everyone has a role to play to move this city forward,” he said, adding that it aptly reflects MBKS’s slogan for this year “This city is your city, my city, our city”.

“This is a very good start. So if there are such exemplary acts, do let us know, we would like to reward and recognise them,” he encouraged.

Tabuan Jaya Residents’ Association chairman Datuk William Wei said he was very proud of the boys for doing so many things right from observing the bag in the park, getting help from a friend and then turning it in.

“It shows what Tabuan Jaya neighbourhood is made of. I am proud of knowing our boys have such quality values.

“In our KRT, we work together including with SUPP (Sarawak United Peoples’ Party) and take care of one another to make our neighbourhood safe and a better place for all to live in,” he added.

Wei thus encouraged more to follow the good examples of the two kids. -DayakDaily.