MCC: Enforcement at Taman Tunku is for the safety of Miri community

Adam Yii

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KUCHING, April 24: Miri City Council (MCC) clarified that the enforcement being carried out at Taman Tunku was due to the worrying situation and potential threat that large groups posed to the overall safety of the community in Miri, particularly at Taman Tunku.

MCC Mayor Adam Yii in a press statement today said the action was taken by the Council after due consideration of the present deteriorating Covid-19 pandemic situation.

“The Council is deeply concerned over the uncontrolled activities in public places at Taman Tunku which may cause it to become a hotspot,” he said.

Yii released the statement after MCC came under fire on social media after it began undertaking stricter enforcement measures at Taman Tunku recently.

Yii noted that the present open trading activities at Taman Tunku were found scattered and in various instances were beyond reasonable control of the authorities to impose standard operating procedures (SOPs) compliance due to the large area as well as the whereabouts of most of the illegal traders being unknown.

He said the Council feared that should no action be taken by now, the safety of the community in this area would be endangered and for the past few months, the positive cases reported in Taman Tunku have been rampant.

“The enforcement is not directed at unlicensed hawking at Taman Tunku. Otherwise, earlier action could have been taken as such activities have been there for quite a long time,” explained Yii.

According to Yii, the Council has also decided not to allow Ramadhan bazaars at the last minute and such decisions were made in accordance with the advice given by State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

He said contrary to the allegations, MCC did in fact notify the illegal traders at Taman Tunku to stop trading due to Covid-19 pandemic.

“MCC has to take such harsh decisions seemingly according to certain groups of people. The Council sympathises with the traders and is fully aware of their difficulties. Nevertheless, the decision has to be made in light of the greater safety of the Miri community and, under such circumstances, they have to stop trading until the situation is brought under control,” he added.

On the same note, Yii also conveyed his sincere thanks to the Lambir assemblyman Ripin Lamat and Subis MP Lukanisman Awang Sauni, for their assistance with the issue and the Council fully supports their efforts to find a suitable place and build a proper market for the traders. — DayakDaily