Lundu community leaders, village chiefs sign declaration to reject MPKKP

Community leaders showing their solidarity in rejecting the setting up of MPKKP in Lundu district before Uggah (seated left) and Jamilah (red headscarf).

LUNDU, Oct 30: The proposed formation of the Federal Village Community Management Council (MPKKP) has received strong rejection by some 100 local community leaders and village headmen from the Lundu district.

The community leaders and village chiefs voiced their disapproval over the implementation of the MPKKP before Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas and Tanjung Datu assemblywoman Datuk Amar Jamilah Anu here today.

The show of rejection was done during a gathering held at the Salcra Bajo Training Centre.

Uggah (sixth left) and Jamilah (to his left) witnessing the community leaders in Lundu signing the declaration.

They were led by Pemanca Ibrahim @ Bentani Suni, representing the Malay leaders, Pemanca London Tasin representing the Bidayuhs, Penghulu Maling Sedek representing the Ibans and Penghulu Chin Kian Ming representing the Chinese.

They signed a declaration to reject the MPKKP formation, which they agreed would only serve to confuse and disunite the people especially the rural folks.

The group said the long established Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) has served the people well, and that Pakatan Harapan is seen as trying to force the formation of MPKKP on them.

Pemanca Ibrahim presenting the declaration rejecting the MPKKP formation to Uggah.

“I would like the leaders to strengthen the organisation of their respective JKKK. When you are well organised, strong and effective, others will have little ground or reason to replace your organisation,” Uggah said at the event.

He advised the people against falling for the many promises and propaganda used by MPKKP promoters to win them over.

He added that the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS)-led state government has full confidence in the present JKKK leadership and structure across the state. In this regard, he said the state and all (GPS) elected representatives would continue to assist the JKKK in carrying its responsibilities and services to the people.

“Bear in mind that the Pakatan government has yet to fulfil many promises they had made in the last election.

“The promoters too have said all federal developments would be channelled to the people through the MPKK, but then the big or major ones would still have to go through the state government due to procedures and protocols.

“Another point of contention is the fact that MPKKP leaders are all political appointees whereas those of JKKK are elected by the people themselves,” he continued.

Uggah said it was crystal clear now that the formation of the MPKKP was an attempt to take over the state administration.

“Let us not be stooges in such devilish ploy. Only local leaders can look after the state, protect its rights, its interests and its people well,” he added.

Uggah also criticised Finance Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng for always trying to belittle the Sarawak leaders.

“He is always vitriolic in his criticisms and accusations. He seems to think Sarawakians are not capable of looking after the state well, such as the ‘Sarawak will get bankrupt’ claim.

“And his latest accusation against the chief minister, it is just sad that certain local leaders are dancing to his tune,” he added. — DayakDaily