Kpg Lopeng Tengah, Kpg Wireless of Miri give rise to new Covid-19 cluster with 31 cases

File photo for illustration purposes

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Aug 17: A new Covid-19 cluster has emerged at Kampung Lopeng Tengah and Kampung Wireless in Miri with 31 positive cases confirmed so far.

State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), in its daily updates on Covid-19 situation in Sarawak today, reported that the community cluster dubbed the Jalan Lembah Hijau Cluster in Miri involved several families from the two villages located at Jalan Riam.

Of the 31 positive cases, two were registered by the health authority today.

A total of 69 individuals have been screened, with 32 tested negative and no pending cases.

All cases have been admitted to Miri Hospital as well as the Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centre (PKRC) Miri for treatment and isolation.

In fact, Sarawak declared four new clusters today. The remaining three were supermarket clusters identified – the Jalan Johari Sunam Cluster in Bintulu which has registered five cases so far, the Jalan Akses Cluster in Sri Aman with 13 cases and the Jalan Seringgok Cluster in Bau with 16 cases.

SDMC has also today declared the end of two clusters namely Tema Saan Cluster in Tebedu and Sungai Sengkabang Cluster in Subis, after no new local cases were reported in the past 28 days.

With that, the number of active clusters in Sarawak now stands at 109, out of which 14 clusters have registered an increase in cases to contribute a total of 187 cases to the state daily caseload of 835 today.

They are Braang Payang Cluster with 51 new cases; Kampung Bintawa Hilir Cluster in Kuching (37 cases); Bungey 2 Cluster in Betong (33 cases); Kampung Pulo Ulu Cluster in Kuching (29 cases); Kampung Haji Baki Cluster in Kuching (14 cases); Kampung Kakeng Cluster in Serian, new Jalan Johari Sunam Cluster in Bintulu, and new Jalan Akses Cluster in Sri Aman (4 cases each).

Kampung Bintawa Tengah Cluster and Kampung Bintawa Ulu Cluster, both in Kuching have reported three new cases each and new Jalan Lembah Hijau Cluster in Miri contributing two cases while Sega Cluster in Bau, Long Maktub Cluster in Sebauh and Jalan Airport Lama Cluster in Bintulu recording one case each.— DayakDaily