Kota Sentosa rep: Electricity (Amendment) Bill reflects GPS’ commitment to be regional energy powerhouse

Yap (right) has expressed support for the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2023.

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Nov 21: The amendments proposed in the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2023 are expedient and pragmatic, reflecting Gabungan Parti Sarawak’s (GPS) commitment to create a robust regional renewable electricity powerhouse as it balances economic development with green renewable electricity supply security and affordability.

This is the view of Kota Sentosa assemblyman Wilfred Yap, who holds that the amendments in this Bill are proof of GPS’ government commitment to secure long term sustainable economic development goals while at the same time creating value for financial returns to attract and encourage more investors in clean renewable power generation.

“The amendments are pragmatic and seek to fine tune the Electricity Ordinance to keep up with the times in this era of climate change and streamlining it with the other new legislation on achieving net zero greenhouse emission through generation of electricity using renewable sources and institutionalization of a single buyer,” said Yap while debating the Bill at Sarawak Legislative Assembly here today.

The significance of the amendments in this Bill is that it allows Sarawak Energy Berhad as a single buyer of electricity in Sarawak to function more efficiently in its role.

He said the main responsibility of the single buyer under the amendment is to procure electricity from independent power producers and play an important role in planning and managing electricity generation agreements to ensure adequate and ample supply of low carbon electricity to all stakeholders.

The concept of a single buyer, he said, allows for more efficient electricity generation, procurement, transmission, distribution, supply and monitoring through a regulatory framework.

This, he believes, will enable Sarawak to promote and accelerate independent private sector participation for the development of electricity power generation from renewable energy sources.

“The amendments in this Bill will enhance the profitability of all stakeholders in the Sarawak electricity supply industry resulting from more efficient energy use,” said Yap.

He added that due to climate change, the usage of renewable energy resources for electricity generation was now trending.

Supporting the Bill, he said Sarawak is on the right track as higher penetration of renewable sources for electricity generation in the system is prudent, as it is sustainable in the long term compared with using non-renewable sources like natural gas for electricity generation. — DayakDaily