Kg Medong/Lebrasau to Klid sick road project to resume in 2023 by new contractor with RM70 mln approved by S’wak govt

Fatimah (second right) enjoys a boat ride for during the festival in Dalat yesterday (Dec 28, 2022).

KUCHING, Dec 29: The road project from Kampung Medong/Lebrasau to Klid, which is a sick project in Sarawak, will be resumed in 2023 by a new contractor with RM70 million approved by the State government.

According to a press statement issued by the Ministry of Women, Childhood, and Community Wellbeing Development (KPWK) Sarawak, when completed, the road will connect the two remote Melanau kampungs with the town of Dalat, bringing them into the mainstream and developing them in an inclusive and integrated manner.

Meanwhile, KPWK minister Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah officiated at the Kaul Klid Festival 2022 in Dalat yesterday, which was held on the borders of Kampung Klid Batang Oya and Balai Raya Kampung Klid.

The Kaul Klid Festival 2022 underway in Dalat.

Kaul Sungai in Kampung Klid is an original kaul that is celebrated every year at the end of December.

The obligatory serarang and rabong procession in the original kaul is led by Bapak Kaul and followed by Klid residents using their own boats, making it a unique and interesting ritual.

The importance of adhering to this original Kaul rule, or palei in Melanau, is emphasised because Melanau likou believe that breaking it will bring misfortune to the individual, and that anyone who breaks the rules will be punished.

There is also a food presentation event and feeding to the Ipok Sungai at the nesting site.

Father Kaul read the mantra and asked Ipok to provide health, safety, and sustenance to all kampung residents.

The two kampungs, Kampung Klid and Kampung Narub, with a population of 724 people from 120 houses, have collaborated in organising the annual Kaul festival.

Fatimah also praised the united attitude of the two kampungs and the preservation of Melanau traditional customs, as well as the effort to involve the younger generation in the ritual event.

In addition, Fatimah, who is also Dalat assemblywoman, presented a check for the organisation of the Kampung Klid Kaul Festival 2022 during the ceremony. — DayakDaily