‘Spot On’ with Ir Chang Kuet Shian

By DD Team

KUCHING, Dec 12: “Please don’t take water for granted although it is heavily subsidized, because it actually costs a lot to produce water,” says Sarawak Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) director Ir Chang Kuet Shian.

Despite the geographical and technical challenges, he said he and his department is working hard towards achieving 100 per cent water supply coverage in Sarawak, hopefully by 2025.

In the ‘Spot On’ programme today, Chang also shared the journey of JBALB from ground zero until today, with an achievement of 60 per cent water supply coverage and a clear blueprint for the next five years under the 12th Malaysia Plan and beyond to 2030.

Among other topics discussed during the session are:

  1. Sarawak though blessed with abundant of raw water, distribution of supply is not balanced
  2. Master Plan to reduce 92 to 35 water treatment plants by 2040 to increase reliability of water sources
  3. Practice of Design-Build method increases efficiency and opens up to contractors’ innovation, creativity in order to achieve value for money projects
  4. RM4 billion funding for Projek Rakyat First Phase secured as part of JBALB Water Grid Plan
  5. Smiles on the faces of people is the greatest reward to JBALB’s efforts
  6. Digitalisation: First phase to be completed in June 2021 to monitor over 500 water tanks and water supply system, ensuring constant water supply
  7. Asset Management: Key unit in JBALB to prevent accumulation of spoilt assets
  8. Enforcement Unit: Please don’t take water for granted although it is heavily subsidized
  9. Smart Meters to produce Smart Consumers in Sarawak towards demand water management
  10. JBALB Vision and Mission: 100 per cent coverage, safe and reliable water supply in Sarawak

‘Spot On’ is expected to be aired regularly, so stay tuned to Dayakdaily.com for more.—DayakDaily