‘Help save lives’: Bandar Kuching constituents urged to sign up as organ donors

CHKMUS Kidney Foundation president Datuk Tay Chin Kin (centre) presenting a token of appreciation to Dr Yii.

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KUCHING, Sept 1: Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii urged his constituents to sign up as organ donors to help save lives.

He said as an increasing number of Malaysians are suffering from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) nowadays, it was unfortunate that some of them, especially those from the lower income group, would not be able to seek treatment due to high cost.

This is particularly true for those suffering from chronic kidney disease who have to undergo dialysis at least three times a week, which is very costly, he added.

Dr Yii noted that one sure treatment for chronic kidney disease would be organ transplant, where if successful, the patient would not have to undergo dialysis anymore.

“One of the better treatments for chronic kidney disease is actually kidney transplant. So while I understand and respect certain religious beliefs or traditions in certain communities, however I would always encourage those who can to pledge yourselves as organ donors because one day after your passing, you may save another’s life.

“So I encourage those who can to pledge their organs (to be donated). In the event of anything (unfortunate)… your life can save another,” he said when officiating at the CHK Moral Uplifting Society (CHKMUS) Kidney Foundation “Let’s Light Up Our Love” Charity Food Fair at the CHKMUS Kidney Dialysis Centre here this morning.

A section of the crowd at the CHKMUS Kidney Foundation “Let’s Light Up Our Love” Charity Food Fair in Kuching this morning (Sept 1, 2019).

According to Dr Yii, chronic kidney disease is the sixth highest fatal chronic disease around the world. This means that out of every 100 people, 9 people are affected by chronic kidney disease, he said.

“This is very worrying statistics because the estimate is that by 2040, this number will double. The reason why is because of the high prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and many others.

“Diabetes itself contributes to 65 per cent of chronic kidney disease cases, and Malaysia has one of the highest diabetes prevalence in the whole of Asia. This is statistics we should not be proud of, but need to work on,” he said.

Dr Yii speaking at the opening of the CHKMUS Kidney Foundation “Let’s Light Up Our Love” Charity Food Fair in Kuching.

Afterwards, Dr Yii pledged to donate a dialysis machine to CHKMUS, which costs around RM40,000 each, this year, and hopes to pledge another one next year.

On top of that, he also contributed RM5,000 from his parliamentary allocation to CHKMUS for its annual expenses, and promised the same allocation every year as long as he is still in office.

Organisers explained that the charity food fair was held to raise funds for the renovation of the CHKMUS Kidney Dialysis Centre’s building which would cost around RM2 million. To date they have raised about RM500,000.

The centre receives about 200 patients every month to undergo kidney dialysis at affordable costs. The centre also accommodates patients who are of low income and cannot afford dialysis at public hospitals. — DayakDaily