Francis Harden: You will lose out if opposition wins

Simanggang assemblyman Datuk Francis Harden (centre) handing over some contribution to JKKK Rh Suntai, Empadi Tengah, Batu Lintang

By Nancy Nais

SRI AMAN, Nov 24: Allowing the opposition to win will cause a big loss to the community, particularly those in rural constituency, Simanggang assemblyman Datuk Francis Harden Hollis said.

He thus reminded that if that happens, the rural community will be at the loosing end as they will not be able to get the Rural Transformation Project (RTP), Minor Rural Project (MRP) and home repair assistance from the government.

“The allocation distributed by the GPS government amounting to RM5 million for RTP, RM2 million for MRP and RM1 million for home repair assistance will not reach you. In the end, the losers are the people in the constituency while the opposition elected representatives will be happy with their big salary as the elected representative.

“Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government is still in power and will be in power again because of its state development policies which has benefited the people. Therefore, I urge all of you in Batu Lintang, Undop area, especially those from longhouses, not to be deceived by the opposition ideology,” Francis said at the closing of the Info On Wheels (IOW) civic assembly at Rh Suntai Awel in Kpg Empadi Tengah, Batu Lintang yesterday.

Meanwhile, he acknowledged IOW as an excellent program and platform for rural communities to have a dialogue session with government agencies.

“This IOW is a medium for several agencies to share and highlight our government’s initiatives to help the people, policies and even highlight current issues such as the frequent and worrying longhouse fire or even crime issues.

“Useful information are channel directly to the people at grass root level. With government agencies officers at the site and face-to-face communication, they can explain and even assist our people.

“At the same time, this will strengthen our government’s delivery system to grassroots level and further increase the people’s support and trust in the government’s efforts,” he said.

During the event, nine longhouse chiefs or ‘tuai rumah’ also highlighted issues and placed demands for their respective village and assistance during the IOW dialogue.

The nine chiefs; Suntai Awel from Kpg Empadi Tengah; George Ugak (Kpg Empadi Ulu); Riti Ganja (Kpg Empadi Batu Anchau); John Chendang (Kpg Sengkuang Ili); Thomas Lawan (Kpg Sengkuang Ulu); Siliver Garit (Kpg Kenyungan); Tutong Nyaon (Kpg Sungai Tanduk C); Bala Buntuk (Kpg Sungai Tanduk Ulu) and Mathew Uning (Kpg Sungai Tanduk Ili) also stated their strong support for GPS government because they were aware of what GPS and Francis have done for their area.

Suntai in his speech also said development will not come by itself if it was not from the efforts of the people’s representatives.

Francis also announced the allocation of RM5,000 (MPR) to JKKK Rh Suntai, Empadi Tengah and RM3,000 to its women’s bureau. — DayakDaily