First 3D body scanner in Sarawak at Juma’ani Pavilion takes body measurement in less than 60 seconds

A 3D body scanner and fabric printer are among the technologies available at Juma'ani Pavilion.

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, Dec 27: The first 3D body scanner in Sarawak that can take a thorough body measurement from head to toe in under one minute is now installed at Juma’ani Pavilion (JP) at Vista Tunku Petra Jaya in Jalan Gersik here.

Customers will be asked to wear a tight-fitting top and leggings and step inside a fitting room equipped with infrared sensors where the measurement takes place. The data is then translated into a computer or laptop and the avatar of the customer is created.

Centexs Commercial general manager Shahren Yusri said new technology and innovation is improving the fashion industry.

“The traditional measuring method using measuring tape is tedious and time consuming, as the tailors or designers will still need to draw out the avatar and input every measurement.

“With the 3D body scanner, the task becomes easier and the avatar is important as it can help them visualise the customers’ body shape for modifications where needed for the fitting of their clothing,” he told DayakDaily in an interview.

Shahren showing some of the wearables sold at Juma’ani Pavilion’s premier boutique.

The fashion industry, Sharen emphasised, is constantly evolving and Centexs Commercial which manages JP is committed to help students embrace new technology and innovation trends that will bring solutions, enhance their creativity and gain a competitive advantage.

Apart from the 3D body scanner, there is also a fabric printer at JP which is the first fashion hub in Sarawak, aimed at driving the State’s creative economy and increasing Sarawak fashion products’ global presence that would in turn position Sarawak as an international fashion tourism destination in Borneo and Kalimantan.

“The fabric printer lets our students as well as in-house designers print their exclusive and unique designs with Sarawak heritage elements on fabric,” he added.

Meanwhile, 25-year-old Rachel Ruth Kirau Bala who is taking a fashion technology certification course at Centre of Technical Excellence (Centexs), said the technology also addressed the issue of hygiene and being measured by the opposite sex which might not be comfortable for some.

“The 3D body scanner takes care of that. I’m also very excited to incorporate technology in fashion designing.

“As for now, we are still exploring the use of technology in designing works. We are also exploring and sketching our own designs which are done on the tablet,” she shared.

Rachel, who has a Diploma in Multimedia Application before taking the fashion course in Centexs, said she is very excited as fashion designing has always been her passion.

“We are learning a bunch of skills including sewing, designing fabric and shoe-making,” she added.

Rachel (right) and Nur Hassyazwani are among the students undergoing practical training at Juma’ani Pavilion.

Student Nur Hassyazwani, 22, said she is researching local plants as motifs in fabric designs.

“I am very passionate about fashion designing so we are very excited and happy to be able to serve our practical here in JP,” she added.

Both Rachel and Nur Hassyazwani hope to one day see their designs commercialised and sold at JP. — DayakDaily