Firemen rescue puppy trapped in underground gully

Firefighter Nasaruddin Budin managed to pull the puppy out from an underground hole. 2. Firefighters digging a hole so they could reach to the trapped puppy.

KOTA SAMARAHAN, Dec 30: A puppy trapped in an underground gully was miraculously rescued by firefighters this morning.

According to Kota Samarahan fire chief PKPgB Ebby Hirwandy Sarbini, they received a distress call from the owner at 10.33am before rushing a team led by PBKII KUP Kamri Gani to the location at Desa Ilmu.

Upon arrival firefighters found the puppy squealing for help in an underground hole by the fence.

After carrying out an assessment, they decided to dig the earth with hoe and spade to save the puppy.

The trapped puppy was handed over back to its grateful owner (left).

It took them under 15 minutes to safely pull the puppy out without any harm.

The drenched and shivering puppy was handed back to its grateful owner. -DayakDaily