Dart players encourage to join more tournaments

Champions of Dr Haji Abdul Rahman Junaidi Cup 2017

KUCHING: Dart players are encouraged to join more tournaments to gain more exposure so they can pit their skills against other players from other states.

Assistant Minister for Rural Electricity Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi said tournaments are held to unearth new potential athletes, as well as a platform to select athletes to represent Sarawak.

Congratulating the winners of the Dr Haji Abdul Rahman Junaidi Cup 2017 at the closing ceremony which was held earlier today, he encourage more organisers to hold tournaments to provide exposure for their own members.

He also congratulated the organiser Boyan Gersik Sourabaya (BGS) Darters for creating awareness of the sport amongst the public.

Abdul Rahman believed that individuals who had a chance to learn about darts would fall in love with the game.

“Darts is not just about making friends, but darters need to learn to discipline themselves. Darts is all about discipline and art. Every dart is meaningful as in how you throw the dart”, he said.