DAP Serian Youth wants PAS to prove Chinese dominance claim

Brolin Nicholsion

SERIAN, Sept 23: Democratic Action Party (DAP) wants to see evidence that the party is dominated by the Chinese and most of its leaders are from the Chinese community.

DAP Serian Youth chief Brolin Nicholsion said that he wants the proof, when responding to a statement by Himpunan Pendukung Parti Se-Islam Malaysia (PAS) Sarawak chief Achau Mujah that DAP was not qualified to speak on behalf of Sarawakians.

Brolin who is a special assistant to Padungan assemblyman Wong King Wei opined that Achau’s statement is hypocritical and that the latter was posturing for media attention.

“In his statement, he (Achau) said that DAP was dominated by the Chinese and most of its leaders are from the Chinese community. I want to challenge Achau Mujah to prove that Sarawak DAP leaders are dominated by the Chinese. Can Achau Mujah prove to us that PAS Sarawak is represented by the Dayak?” he asked.

“I would like to refute Achau Mujah’s claim that the splitting of the Malays in the peninsula led to a big victory for DAP. The last GE14 shows that it is Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) which has a majority of Malays in it which won most of the seats.

“The Malay is not split because of DAP but because they reject a former ruling party which PAS just signed to ally itself with recently,” Brolin emphasised in a statement today.

According to him, before DAP became part of the federal government, the party had already helped many Sarawakians, especially the Dayak, through the “Impian Sarawak” programme initiated by party, and therefore, like him, the Dayak accept DAP as a platform for them to voice out their concern.

Meanwhile, Brolin also posed three questions to Achau:

— Will PAS implement the Hudud law on the Dayak people the majority of whom are Christians?

— Will PAS abolish all the Dayak customs and culture to fit PAS’ policy?

— Does PAS understand how to solve the ‘pemakai menoa’ and ‘pulau galau’ issue and does PAS understand what the Dayak people want?

He urged Achau to open his eyes because it is PAS which has been playing up racist sentiments and always relating it with DAP.

“Just stop it, brother,” he said.

Yesterday, Achau claimed that DAP being a Chinese-based party is not suitable to be the voice of Sarawakians.

Achau opined that DAP is the cause of why the previous government lost Putrajaya and that the party had split the votes of the Malays in Peninsular Malaysia despite the Malays being the majority race there.

He also stated that DAP is trying to split the Bumiputras of Sarawak by injecting the perception that a PAS-Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) co-operation is unholy. — DayakDaily