Council admits to having dumped dog carcasses indiscriminately

MIRI, Oct 4: “We do not deny that we did not follow the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), and we admit our weaknesses.”

These were the words of Adam Yii, mayor of Miri City Council (MCC) today when confronted with the grim claim by Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Choon earlier today that the carcasses of several dogs had been indiscriminately dumped at the Miri Waste Disposal site in Kuala Baram.

Dr Ting was alerted of this matter by a member of the public on Tuesday, and when he went to the area to verify the claim yesterday, he was shocked by what he discovered. He then lodged a police report today as Miri City was recently declared a rabies-infected area.

Dr Ting pointed out that the way the carcasses were disposed of was against the Veterinary Public Health Ordinance, 1999.

When news of this discovery broke, Yii immediately sent two of his officers to investigate, and the officers later confirmed that 10 dog carcasses were not properly disposed of at the waste disposal site, which is near the council’s temporary dog pound.

Yii explained at an impromptu press conference that under normal circumstances, the dogs would be euthanized and buried at the dumpsite accordingly to SOP by the council’s dog catching team.

In admitting the council’s weaknesses in this matter, Yii said that from catching the dogs to disposing of them involved many stages.

“We will try to handle every stage or step properly (from now onwards), accordingly to the SOP,” he assured.

“The carcasses have been removed and disposed accordingly to the SOP (bury and sanitation).” — DayakDaily