Bukit Aman will probe case involving suspected Sarawakian drug mules nabbed in Pontianak

A screen shot of a pix purportedly showing the alleged drug smugglers. Picture source: Tribun Pontianak.

KUCHING, Aug 30: Bukit Aman will probe the case of two suspected Sarawakians arrested in Indonesia over alleged involvement in drug smuggling into Pontianak in West Kalimantan.

According to sources, the drugs did not pass through Sarawak border, as it happened in Kuala Lumpur.

“Although the couriers are Sarawakians, the drugs did not come from Sarawak,” the source said.

According to online portal Tribun Pontianak, the Indonesian police have arrested two Sarawakians, aged 25 and 31 from Kampung Segedup, Jalan Batu Kawa, and Matang Park in Kuching respectively, last Friday (Aug 23) at about 2.10pm in a hotel at Jalan Ayani, Pontianak.

The two were caught in a room with seven packets of Chinese tea bags in yellow plastics containing substance believed to be syabu or methamphetamine, with a total weight of 7kg, in their possession.

Police also seized two mobile phones, as well as two Malaysian Passports.

Based on information obtained, the local police said they’ve received information and tip off since early August that there will be drug smuggling activities from Sarawak to Pontianak via air.

The new report also mentioned that the duo flew from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur on Aug 19.

One of the suspects claimed he received the alleged drugs in Kuala Lumpur and then they few from there to Pontianak on Aug 23.

Upon arrival at Pontianak, they proceeded to a hotel and waited for the recipient of the drugs. However, they were caught by the local police before any transactions were made. — DayakDaily