Bomba Zone 3 prepared for yearend landas season

Ramlan (centre) inspecting a parade during his visit to the Sri Aman fire station, accompanied by station chief PPgB William (standing behind Ramlan).

By Nancy Nais

SRI AMAN, Sept 9: Bomba Zone 3 Sarawak has intensified monitoring operations at more than 25 flood prone areas.

As part of the preparation to face the flood and year end season, Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Zone 3 chief PgB Ramlan Marajan, who has three fire stations in Sri Aman, Betong and Saratok respectively under his charge revealed they are ready to tackle not just fire but rescue operations as well.

“In anticipation of the monsoon season, all of the stations’ land and water assets are in good condition to ensure rescue and evacuation works can be carried out smoothly when emergency calls for it.

“Our personnel have gone through training such as the use of equipment, boat handling and rescue tasks at their respective stations and they are well versed with that they need to do,” Ramlan disclosed in a statement after conducting a working visit to the Sri Aman and Saratok fire stations yesterday.

Sri Aman firefighters in a group photo with Ramlan (centre) and William (sixth left).

Under the Sri Aman fire station, its chief PPgB William Baheng has identified Jalan Kejatau, Rh Imau Tanjung, Kampung Ijok, Langkang Ulu and Ili, Kampung Tawai, Kampung Ubah, Kampung Tekuyong, Kampung Issu and Kampung Empling Pantu.

In Betong, flood prone areas identified by fire station chief Vincent Baling Yabi are Penyelanih, Kampung Bungey Babu, Buloh Antu Padeh, Rh Manggat Sungai Paku, Entalun Skrang, Sungai Pelanduk Paku, Tabut, Tembong, Kejemut, Lipat and SK Tabut.

Saratok firefighters pose for a photo-op led by Nazry (second row, left) with Ramlan (front most).

Over at Saratok, fire station chief Nazry Mohamat revealed the areas being monitored include Nanga Budu, Jalan Bajau, Nanga Atoi, Sungai Endot Kabong, Jalan Supok, SK Kabo and Rh Tanjung Baru Meludam.

Although the firefighters are ready at anytime to serve the community, on the other hand, Ramlan urged local residents especially those living in low-lying areas to be well prepared as well.

“Please be alert of your surrounding areas and warnings issued by relevant parties. Get the latest information through television announcements, radio, social media and others. However, make sure the information shared or posted is the latest and genuine as we do not want to spread fake news.

“Take note of important numbers which you will need during emergencies. Keep all important documents and valuables in a higher but easy to retrieve from location if you need to evacuate later,” he advised.

Ramlan also hoped that local communities will help to maintain and check on ditches, drains or water channels and prevent these areas from getting clogged as this can also cause floods. — DayakDaily