Bodybuilding champ hopes S’wak govt can support athletes with dietary supplements

Buda (centre) flanked by Malvern (left) and Philomena (right) with their medals and trophies at KIA after arriving from the world bodybuilding championship in Thailand.

KUCHING, Dec 15: It would be helpful for the Sarawak government to assist bodybuilders with financial aid for their supplements and dietary needs, which is necessary for them to maintain their physique, says Sarawak’s very own world champion bodybuilding athlete Buda Anchah.

”We hope that the Sarawak government could consider assisting bodybuilding athletes to have have a good supplementary diet as we need it to maintain our performance in competitions,” he said.

“This will prepare us tremendously, especially in any future competition”, he added.

Buda told reporters this after arriving at Kuching International Airport (KIA) after competing in the 13th WBPF World Body Building & Physique Sports Championship 2022, held in Phuket, Thailand yesterday evening.

He said that to get prepared for any competition they need a daily serving of five meals consisting of dietary supplements.

“Such daily meals cost approximately RM100, and this is needed to enhance our performance,” he explained.

“It is costly for us when we have to prepare for up to six months before a world-class competition,” he stressed.

Buda shared that in their sport, the most important is their dietary supplements, and the second is the training.

“It is a priority (the dietary supplements) for us if we want to be the best in the sport,” he said.

Buda expressed that what they achieved today would hopefully motivate the younger generation to be interested in sports.

“I hoped my success on the world stage and being a world champion can further inspire future generations too,” he said.

“If the government continues to support the athletes and provide assistance, Sarawak will produce world-class athletes and put us on the world map.

“I am fifty and still a world champion. This gold medal is not only my gift to Sarawak but younger generations here,” he enthused.

Fellow bodybuilding comrade, Dr Mavern Abdullah and up and coming Sarawak female bodybuilding athlete Philomena Dexclyn Siar chipped in and agreed that aside from financial incentives by the Sarawak government, they stressed the importance of food dietary supplements in bodybuilding sports.

In the recently concluded championship, Buda won gold in the World Master category for his age group and a bronze in a mixed pair category with female bodybuilding athlete from Sabah, Meilaura Dora Jimmy.

Malvern won gold in the World Men Athletic Physique up to 160cm category, while in a mixed pair category, he and Philomena won fourth place.

Also present at KIA in welcoming the three bodybuilding athletes was the Sarawak Bodybuilding Association president and mayor of Kuching South City Council (MBKS), Dato Wee Hong Seng. — DayakDaily