BKSS: Aid for B40 singles no longer available under household list

KUCHING, August 3: Individuals listed previously as B40 singles under the B40 household category of the Bantuan Khas Sarawakku Sayang (BKSS) programme are no longer eligible for the monthly assistance under the said category.

The Sarawak Economic Planning Unit (EPU) in a press statement today revealed there are complaints from a small number of B40 household recipients that they are no longer receiving the BKSS assistance for the month of July 2020, even thought they have received the B40 BKSS assistance from the month of April to June 2020.

“This is because, based on the updated BSH 2020 list from the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) Malaysia, there were 115,450 recipients who were previously under the BHS 2019 B40 household list, are now listed under the BSH 2020 B40 Single list.

“These B40 singles which were earlier listed as recipients for B40 household of the BKSS assistance in April to June 2020, will therefore no longer eligible to receive the same monthly assistance under B40 household BKSS assistance as they are now already listed as B40 Single recipients,” it said.

According to Sarawak EPU, in the press statement on the status of BKSS 2020 dated July 17, a total of 78,123 B40 households and 270,863 B40 singles will be paid end of July 2020.

As at August 1, 2020, the BKSS incentive for eligible B40 households earning below RM4,000 per month, a total of 43,481 out of 78,123 B40 household with a bank account have been paid RM250 through their respective banks on July 29, 2020, with an estimated expenditure of RM10.87 million.

“For the remaining 34,642 B40 household recipients who do not have bank accounts, cash payments can be claimed from Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) from August 7, 2020.

“Similarly, as at August 1, 2020, a total of 218,489 out of 270,863 eligible B40 single Sarawakians age above 21-year old earning below RM2,000 per month with a bank account have received a one-off assistance of RM500 through their respective banks on July 29, 2020,” the statement read.

It was also noted that for the remaining 52,374 B40 Singles who do not have a bank account, cash payments can be claimed from BSN from August 7,2020.

“Accordingly, the status of implementation for other BKSS cash payment incentives namely, the special monthly incentives for frontline personnel involved in Covid-19, there were 30,319 frontline personnel who have received their payment incentives of RM200 per month for the period of April to July 2020 with a total expenditure of RM13.5 million.

“As for the assistance for hawkers and petty traders, as of July 29, 2020, a total of 28,091 hawkers have been paid through Sarawak Pay in two tranches with total payment amounting to RM21,068,250. Meanwhile, 16,867 hawkers have been paid through BSN in two tranches with total payment amounting to RM12,650,250,” the statement read.

Those who wish to check their BKSS payment may visit https://www.sarawak.gov.my/web/home/article_view/233/326/ on Aug 6 to do so. — DayakDaily