Bintulu MP: Health Ministry should not force people to take booster shots

Dato Sri Tiong King Sing

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KUCHING, March 26: The Ministry of Health (MOH) should not force the people, especially those who are vulnerable, to get booster shots, said Bintulu MP Dato Seri Tiong King Sing.

In a statement today, Tiong said MOH should consider those who were paralysed after receiving the second dose, having to use wheelchairs for life.

“The government now forces victims in these heartbreaking situations to get booster shots. Is the government only going to stop once they have reached a certain number of people who died?” he asked.

He also questioned Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin’s decision to continue forcing booster shots on vulnerable groups who are not suitable for them.

He said the only excuse for deaths by side effects are dismissed as ‘complications’, which is inappropriate and ignores the actual problem.

“Just think, if the vaccines produce no side effects it will not threaten lives, and achieve better results against the pandemic,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tiong said MOH is also forcing Malaysians to get their boosters, or two million people will have their digital vaccination certificates automatically voided on April 1.

Tiong said he had received hundreds of texts and calls from concerned citizens, urging him to write to Prime Minister Dato Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob to convey their dissatisfaction and anger at the MOH’s reckless policies.

He said they lost all confidence in the policies on vaccination and how the MOH is doing things, especially since the authorities have not given reasonable explanations to allay the people’s doubts and fears about the vaccines, their side effects, and mortality rates.

“The people are not only afraid of contracting coronavirus; it is also the fact that after receiving the first and second doses, many people continue to experience various pain and damage to their bodies,” he said.

He pointed out that people who have gotten exemption letters from their doctors not to be vaccinated were disregarded by the ministry, insisting on them getting the vaccines and risking their lives.

He said some elderly people are crying that they have been confined to wheelchairs after receiving two doses, and they are now deathly afraid of not even being to see the sun after getting the booster shot.

“The people wonder how the Minister of Health can be so arrogant and cruel. Instead of seeing people’s precious lives, he looks at them as gambling tokens.” ― DayakDaily