Arson suspected behind resurgence of peat fires at Kg Sedi

SIBU, Aug 15: The Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) has detected possible arson behind peat fires at Kampung Sedi in Pulau Bruit.

According to the police report made at 4.08pm by Bomba operations officer Majedi Tinggal, the incident occurred at about 12.30am today, when firefighters were patrolling the area.

Kampung Sedi is where firefighters have been fighting day and night against peat fires for the ninth consecutive day.

They have successfully put out about 80 acres, with a balance of 20 acres to go, which they plan to continue tomorrow.

“After patrolling the site, we returned to our control post. However, we detected the presence of motorcycles and unidentified individuals nearby. Suspicious of these people, we quickly return to the peat fire site and we found two spots of raging fire, covering about five acres,” Majedi said, adding that the fire spread very fast due to strong wind and hot weather.

Bomba state assistant operations director Tiong Ling Hii revealed that some unidentified individuals were burning bushes surrounding two wooden houses.

“Due to the dark environment, it was difficult for our firefighters to control the fire, and we had to consider their safety and our department’s assets,” he said,

Although villagers rallied to help, they failed to stop the fire and it has spread to about 100 acres, setting back the firefighters’ efforts. — DayakDaily