Willie: Will appeal to Dr M to reconsider giving Zakir asylum

Willie Mongin

KUCHING, Aug 16:  Puncak Borneo MP Willie Mongin will appeal to the federal government to reconsider the decision to give asylum to controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.

“I have fought more than a decade with many of my like-minded comrades as we want to uphold justice, fairness, progress and peace for this beloved country.

“Definitely, this is not the direction we wanted. I appeal to the government of Malaysia to reconsider their decision to protect Zakir Naik and as member of parliament, I will put my appeal in writing to our PM (Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad). Enough is enough,” said Willie.

The first-term MP held the view that Zakir should be deported and Malaysians must respect India’s laws.

“Many (are) asking me on Zakir Naik issues and my conscience is clear, Zakir Naik must go. 

“Why are we worried about Zakir’s being killed if we deport him to his original country? We must learn how to respect other countries’ laws,” said Willie in a statement today.

Willie said Malaysia should not risk her nation’s unity and peace just to protect one individual.

“If Zakir’s is innocent, then he must be tested by his own country’s laws We cannot be penny wise pound foolish just to protect one person but instead we literally are ‘killing’ many Malaysians.”

“Are we willing to protect Zakir Naik and destroy our country’s unity and create more hatred among Malaysians? 

“How can we, in all conscience, justify the direction, inspiration and hope of this new Malaysia?”

Zakir has been condemned by many Malaysians for his recent speech in Kelantan.

He was reported comparing the Hindus in Malaysia to the Muslim in India, saying that the Hindus here enjoyed more than 100 per cent rights in Malaysia compared to Muslims in India.

He alleged that the Hindus here were more loyal to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi than to Dr Mahathir.

Zakir also called on Malaysian Chinese to “go back” first as they were the “old guests” of the country during the religious talk.

The charismatic preacher has been wanted in India over corruption charges but certain charges are claimed to be trumped-up.  — DayakDaily