`Aman’ saves 2 kids from burning house

Jazz rushed home from work after being told that her house caught fire. Standing next to her is the 10-year-old son.

MIRI, Oct 5: A man, who wished to be known only as `Aman’, was cutting grass near a wooden house in Kampung Merapa, Pujut 8, when he heard someone yelling for help.

Initially, he did not suspect something was amiss, until he saw thick smoke billowing from the wooden house near him. He immediately ran towards it based on the hunch that someone might have been trapped inside.

“Upon reaching the house, I could not open the front door as it was locked. So I kicked the door as hard as I could to open it,” he narrated.

Once inside, he saw two siblings — one aged 10 and the other aged four — and quickly rushed them out of the burning house uninjured.

The 10-year-old boy said, “When I saw plumes of smoke coming from the kitchen, I immediately yelled for help.”

Neighbours who heard the cries for help responded by rushing over and tried to douse the flame with water. A fire engine from Lopeng fire station soon arrived, and the firemen managed to prevent the fire from spreading to other houses.

The 2.30pm fire incident today left six people homeless, including the two who were rescued.

It is understood that when the fire broke out, the children’s mother, Jazz Nanang, 31, was at work somewhere in Permyjaya, while her husband was at his mother’s house. The couple has two other children — one aged three and another aged one — but they were at their granny’s house during the incident.

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined, and the victims are also at loss as to how the fire started since their house did not have electricity. — DayakDaily