30 villages in Poyuk-Lubong Nibong, Marudi to have clean water within weeks

Testing and commissioning works are underway and water will be supplied in stages to the people of Puyot-Lubok Nibong.

MIRI, Dec 14: The people in 30 villages in Poyuk-Lubong Nibong, Marudi will have clean water straight from their taps in a matter of weeks.

The Sarawak Rural Water Department (JBALB) director Ir Chang Kuet Shian said the water supply is targeted to be delivered by the end of December or earlier after testing and commissioning works have been carried out.

“JBALB and our contractors work tirelessly every day in ensuring that all Sarawakians have access to clean water which includes the people of Poyut-Lubok Nibong,” he said in a statement issued today.

The completed project is currently undergoing commissioning of water supply system which will provide reliable and consistent water supply to the far end as well as high ground consumers in Marudi.

The project, which included 77km of pipes, one booster station, and one high level tank was physically completed recently.

However, the testing and commissioning of the water supply system normally will take a few months to do fine tuning of water pressure to the system.

This is to ensure consistent water pressure for all consumers, particularly the high elevation and hilly terrain of the Marudi area.

To further ensure this, JBALB has upgraded the water treatment plant capacity to assure the best possible water supply for the residents of the region.

“Water is a basic necessity. JBALB deeply regrets the inconvenience caused and thanks the people of Marudi for their patience and understanding.

“For the people of Poyut-Lubok Nibong, please rest assured that as the responsible department, water will be supplied stage by stage as the testing and commissioning works progresses. Soon the people of Poyut-Lubok Nibong’s water will just be a turn of a tap away,” Chang added.

JBALB thanked the residents of the area for their cooperation in allowing JBALB access to deliver the water supply.

For more information, customers can contact JBALB Call Centre at 082-262211 or JBALB Miri at 085-442204 or visit JBALB’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/hqjbalb/. — DayakDaily