Ba’kelalan youth urged to lend GPS candidate Sam Laya their full support

Balang speaking to the youth during a get-together yesterday evening.

KUCHING, Dec 14: Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) secretary-general Datuk Nelson Balang Rining has urged the youth in Ba’kelalan to give their full support to Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) candidate for the constituency, Sam Laya.

He said this during a get-together with the GPS Youth at the Long Sebangang Asal Bilik Gerakan centre in Lawas yesterday.

During the event, he said the Opposition had made slanderous claims regarding his tenure as the elected representative for N81 Ba’kelalan from 2004 to 2011.

“During my time as YB (elected representative) for Ba’kelalan, the constituency was spread out so far and wide; from Bario to Long Lellang to Medamit Ulu Limbang to Trusan and the highlands of Ba’kelalan.

“Each ordinary YB back then was given an MRP (Minor Rural Project) grant or RTP (Rural Transformation Programme) fund of RM250,000 per year to cover for this vast area.”

He said that within the last ten years, the GPS government had increased this amount to RM7 million per year, and within those ten years they had lost out on RM70 million worth of development due to the Opposition’s control of the constituency.

“What has the Opposition contributed during their ten-year tenure as the elected representative in Long Sebangang? The Opposition promises the moon and stars to try and win support, how will they do it? Having a great imagination will not deliver these empty promises to the rakyat.

“Only GPS have the numbers to execute it. The GPS-led government is also stable, unwavering, and dependable. We don’t want to lose out on future developments as the GPS-led government will always put the needs of the Sarawakian rakyat first.

“Vote for GPS candidate Sam Laya for greater development in our community,” he said. — DayakDaily