3 more cases of tampered electricity meters with fake covers discovered in Kuching, Miri

Special task force personnel inspecting the electricity meter at the massage parlour.

KUCHING, April 4: Sarawak Energy has stepped up its power theft detection efforts with more intensive and continuous training for its meter technicians to be able them to identify the latest power theft methods, including identification of fake meter parts.

As a result of these intensified efforts, Sarawak Energy’s subsidiary, Syarikat Sesco Berhad (Sesco), have uncovered three new cases of tampered meters in recent meter inspection operations.

Each of the three cases involved fake meter covers in three different locations in Kuching and Miri, Sarawak Energy disclosed in a media release today.

Acting upon public tip-offs and after weeks of surveillance, two private residences and a massage parlour were raided by a special task force consisting of Sesco personnel and officers from the Electrical Inspectorate Unit (EIU) of the Ministry of Public Utilities. The operation was conducted with the assistance of the police.

Sesco’s well-trained technical teams who specialised in meter inspection were able to immediately identify the fake meter covers and the tampered internal components of the meters, which caused the meters to record lower electricity consumptions.

The fake covers found during the raid were similar to the ones found in operations held jointly with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in Miri last August.

Hundreds of fake meter covers were found in a house operated by a power theft syndicate member that led to several arrests.

File photo of fake meters seized during the MACC-Sesco joint operation at a house in Jalan Acacia, Miri.

Sarawak Energy also carried out an internal investigation on the case that led to the termination of meter readers employed by Sesco’s contractor, believed to be working with illegal meter tampering service providers.

Sarawak Energy said it would continue to actively carry out meter inspection operations throughout the state with government agencies and authorities such as the MACC, EIU and the police.

All power theft cases were referred to the State Attorney General (SAG) Chambers for criminal prosecution.
Sarawak Energy reminds the public not to trust any service providers claiming to be able to adjust electricity bills with limitless electricity usage.

Stealing electricity is an extremely dangerous crime as it endangers lives and can cause damage to the customers’ electrical appliances, which will lead to a fire.

The offence of power theft is punishable by law, with a fine of up to RM100,000 or five years jail or both, if found guilty.

The public can continue to report to Sarawak Energy on any power theft information via the hotline 082-443535. All information will be kept strictly confidential. — DayakDaily