23 projects with RM8.2 million allocation to develop Puncak Borneo this year

Willie (left) is seen having a four-eye meeting with Abd Latiff. Photo credit: Datuk Willie Mongin's Facebook page.

By Nur Ashikin Louis

KUCHING, May 7: The Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) has allocated RM8.2 million for the implementation of 23 development projects in Puncak Borneo parliamentary constituency this year.

Second Deputy Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Datuk Willie Mongin, who is also the Puncak Borneo MP, said the 23 projects were among the 27 projects in the constituency that he had submitted to KPLB Minister Datuk Dr Abd Latiff Ahmad on July 28 last year.

Among the 23 projects approved are for upgrading of Kampung Sentah Road, Serian (RM200,000); as well as roads and alleys in Kampung Sibanyis (Beradau C); Siburan (RM300,000); Kampung Prutan, Siburan (RM200,000); Kampung Jawa Gunda, Siburan – (RM200,000); Kampung Beradau, Siburan (RM300,000); Kampung Sg Riset to Kampung Chupak, Siburan (RM500,000); Kampung Skuduk to Kampung Chupak, Siburan (RM500,000); Lorong 5, Kampung Pesa, Mambong-Sarig Road, Siburan (RM250,000); Kampung Serumah Road, Padawan (RM250,000); Kim Ma Road, Mile 36, Kuching-Serian Road (RM500,000)l; Kampung Luk Fu, Mile 35, Kuching-Serian Road (RM250,000); and road to Simangas, Irap and Pebun in Kampung Tijirak, Siburan (RM500,000).

Other projects are upgrading and paving of main road and alleys at Kampung Panchor Dayak, Serian (RM500,000); road upgrading and building a small river-crossing bridge at Kampung Lintang Baru, Serian (RM200,000).

Besides the upgrading of agricultural plantation roads at Bengoh Resettlement Scheme (Phase 2) costing RM500,000; Kampung Mundai, Padawan (RM350,000); Kampung Emperoh Jambu, Padawan (RM500,000); Sungai Puak, Krokong, Bau (RM350,000); Kampung Peninjau Baru, Bau (RM200,000), other projects are the upgrading of ‘Jalan Perhubungan Desa’ (JPD) at Kampung Biya Kamas, Padawan (RM400,000); Kampung Mundai, Padawan (RM250,000); Kampung Peraya, Padawan (RM500,000) and Kampung Sungai Burung, Siburan (RM500,000).

Willie added the KPLB Minister, on Feb 28 this year, had also given the Puncak Borneo constituency an additional allocation of RM650,000 for development projects.

“Following the extra allocation, I have submitted 10 projects for consideration to the Ministry.

“Site visits to these projects have been conducted by the officials from the Ministry together with officers from the Puncak Borneo Parliamentary Service Centre.

“We will make an announcement later when the decision is made by the Ministry,” he said in a statement today.

Willie further hoped that with the implementation of these projects, it would continue to improve the standard of living of the people in Puncak Borneo. — DayakDaily

Editor’s note: Correcting figures in heading and intro to RM8.2 million.