2 anglers still missing, 8 others rescued after fishing boat sinks in waters off Mukah

SAR personnel on the lookout for the remaining two victims.

SIBU, Sept 22: Two fishermen are still missing while eight others have been found safe after their fishing boat sank in the seas surrounding Mukah on Tuesday night.

According to the Search and Rescue Coordination Center (MRSC) Kuching, the victims included six found alive while one was found dead by the SAR team comprising the Mukah fishing community at 11.20am this morning.

“Four of the victims were found alive by a local fishing boat while one of the three victims found by the Himajaya 7 search boat was confirmed dead,” MRSC said.

Earlier, two victims who were wearing life jackets clinging to a fish barrel were rescued by the MT Capella ship which was heading to Kuching Port at 5.30pm yesterday.

The SAR operation will continue its search for the remaining two victims who are still missing.

In the incident, a boat numbered SF2-2837 which was boarded by 11 men including a skipper, two crew and eight fishermen was reported to have sunk at a position approximately 34 nautical miles northwest of Mukah last Tuesday night.

Efforts to find two more victims who are still missing are being actively carried out by the authorities and the SAR team.