Two schools in Kapit affected by rising flood waters, no evacuation

Rising water level at Song Wharf Terminal caused by flood.

By Malcolm Lau

KUCHING, Sept 13: Two schools, SK Temenggong Koh and SK Nanga Ibun in Kapit are affected by rising flood waters today.

According to a statement from the State Bomba Operation Centre, no evacuation was carried out because all the students in the two affected schools had returned home during the weekend.

“All the students from SK Temenggong Koh had gone back to their home during the weekend while the water level is still rising.

“The water level at SK Nanga Ibun started to rise at at 4 am and it was lucky that all the students of the school had gone back to their home during the weekend as well,” said the statement.

The water level which has risen to five feet had flooded the school canteen, administration block and pre-school block.

Meanwhile Kampung Baru, Kapit was inundated with 0.7 metre of flood water and 0.1 metre at Kampung Muhibbah, Kapit.

The route accessing to Rh Joh Anak Ramba is flooded by 1.7 metres of water from the flood while the area surrounding the longhouse is covered with 0.3 metres of water.

Bomba monitoring team at Song Wharf Terminal had also noticed six metres of increment on the water level, causing the water level to reach 9.9 metres at the moment.

So far no accidents are reported and no evacuation centre has been opened. -DayakDaily