Two-in-one campaign to help SRDC residents fight Covid-19, rabies

Lau (second from left) fixing a poster in a coffee shop while Sempurai (second from right) looks on.

SIBU, July 25: A two-in-one campaign, the “Prevention of Covid-19 and Rabies” is an apt reminder to the 60,000 residents under Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC)’s jurisdiction to help fight the spread of not only one but two diseases – Covid-19 and rabies.

The campaign was held today at Sibujaya with posters of standard operation procedures (SOP) of the two diseases being distributed to eatery outlets, businesses and members of the public.

Speaking at the launching of the campaign, SRDC chairman Sempurai Petrus Ngelai urged the residents to continue complying to the SOP of Covid-19 while dog owners, especially are required to keep their animals indoors.

Also present was Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew.

“The council is also one of the frontliners together the police, hospital and armed forces involved in operation work to ensure that the people are safe from Covid-19. We should appreciate their work and, with this, I urge residents in Sibujaya to comply with the SOP,”  Sempurai added.

He said until a vaccine has been found, the fight against Covid-19 in SRDC area like any other places has not ended yet.

“I want to remind residents that a second wave Covid-19 pandemic might hit the state and Sibu, if we let our guard down. The emergence of new clusters in Kuching, reminds us that we need to work together to maintain Sibu as the green zone,” he urged.

He wanted the people to live under the new normal as according to the guidelines of the SOP. This includes observing social distancing, wearing of face masks and using hand sanitiser.

“Besides Covid-19 pandemic, we in Sibujaya and Sibu Division are also affected by rabies disease. While we have been giving much attention to Covid-19, we are shocked with two deaths from rabies infection,” he said.

Sempurai added that the rabies epidemic is still prevalent in the areas under the council’s jurisdiction, which include Sibujaya, Sanhill Barat and Timur, Jalan Oya and Jalan Oya Lama.

“I have been urging the people in Sibujaya especially dog owners to fully cooperate with us by keeping their animals indoors and not to let them out. Besides that, the animals need to be given anti rabies jab and pet license needs to be applied from the council,” he said.

He advised the animal owners not to shirk their responsibility by letting them roam in the housing estates as they could be infected with the disease and later bite people.

In winning the war against Covid-19 and rabies, he also appealed to the people to abide to the directives and advice from the state government through the State Disaster Management Committee and Sibu Disaster Management Committee. -DayakDaily