TSI calls for Sarawakians to stand united

Datuk John Tenewi Nuek

KUCHING, Sept 7: The Sarawak Initiatives (TSI) calls for all Sarawakian politicians and high rank officers to stand together and united against any irresponsible individuals trying to stir the peaceful and harmonious environment in the state.

Its chairman Datuk John Tenewi Nuek said the recent remarks from Pasir Putih MP Nik Muhammad Zawawi on the Bible is not the way forward in creating a united and progressive nation, but in fact a retrogressive action.

“It seems that such irresponsible actions have become a norm from these irresponsible people and Sarawakians hope these negative norms do not reach the shore of Sarawak.

“TSI would like to earnestly ask all Sarawak politicians and people in high office not to be influenced by such irresponsible people and continue to work towards the separation of religion from politics and stand up to defend the long cherished peace and harmony,” he said.

Tenewi noted the freedom of religion is enshrined in the country’s constitution and in a multiracial society with different cultures and religious beliefs, a MP has to be considerate and responsible when making a speech that may hurt the beliefs of others.

According to Tenewi, the duties and responsibilities of an elected MP is not to give sermon on any religious matters in Parliament as it is not the appropriate venue but to deal with the issue at hand for the benefits of all citizens.

“There is no necessity to relate any crime to any religion and all that the MP needs to do is to deal with crime prevention and not give a religious sermon to citizens who are from diverse faiths and some others who may even be atheists.

“A responsible MP is one who behaves maturely and always have the interest of its people at heart and cultivates an atmosphere for unity rather than division among its people,” he said.

At the same time, Tenewi pointed that Pasir Puteh MP has no rights to impose his personal beliefs onto others.

“While freedom of speech is accorded under Parliamentary privilege, an elected MP must always exercise maturity of thoughts and consideration for the emotional sensitivities and feelings of fellow countryman. There is a saying “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you”,” he added. –DayakDaily.