Tiong: I am not responsible for Mador Covid-19 Cluster

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

BINTULU, Jan 9: Bintulu MP, Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said, he has nothing to do with the Mador cluster in relation to the Covid-19 cases and shot back at Sibu MP Alice Lau to stop accusing him through her social media platform.

“The Mador cluster as mentioned by the worrisome Lau and Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, who has been tested positive (with Covid-19) were in no way related to my trips to Sarawak.

“Is she aware that in the one month I have been in Sarawak, I have not gone to those places (in Mador)? Her claims of my travels being responsible for any case (to Covid-19) is a fantasy based on hot air,” said Tiong in a statement issued here today.

As such, he advised Lau to stop her bluff and stop playing with words on social media, as it can sow fear among the people.

“Can she guarantee that she is not practising double standards in any way (because) when it comes to Chong using the same exemption, the issue immediately goes away for Lau. On the other hand, anyone else using the quarantine exemption is accused of abusing the system,” said Tiong.

Tiong, who is also Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president questioned Lau’s intentions for continuing to attack him in social media.

“What are Lau’s intentions? I have also raised the matter of the quarantine exemptions enjoyed by government officers and by opposition politicians including those enjoyed by the DAP.

“But Lau had avoided questions when they were pointed towards Chong’s use of the exemptions. Rather, she had resorted to claims about how many confirmed cases have occurred as a result of these exemptions and alluded them to my visits as an elected representative thousands of kilometres away,” he said.

Tiong asserted that Lau’s fake protests over the quarantine exemptions given to certain VVIPs have always been for show and to sow dissent among the people.

“But when it comes to her state DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen, anything is permitted. In fact, she herself had taken advantage of such exemptions to come and go as she pleases. (But) when it comes to gaining political attention, she has no qualms about stirring this issue.

“Or is it because she is unwilling to let others come to her constituency or kawasan to hear what the rakyat there has to say?,” asked Tiong.

Tiong asserted that the coronavirus pandemic has brought much suffering to the people and any assistance given by politicians would be a drop in the ocean.

“We must still do our best to solve their problems and reduce their burden. The coronavirus is rampant now but when politicians abused the issue for their own gain, it becomes even more lethal than the coronavirus itself,” said Tiong.

The Mador cluster refers to Meradong and Sibu district which was detected on Dec 30, 2020, during case screening of individuals who returned from Peninsular Malaysia. – DayakDaily