Tiong hopes for continued fair reporting

Journalists with PDP members at the political party’s media appreciation night.

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KUCHING, Dec 16: Certain groups from outside Sarawak are using divisive issues to try and gain political mileage for their selfish agenda by trying to divide Sarawakians, said Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

Urging the media fraternity to report news fairly and look into the deeper issues, Tiong advised reporters not to give voice to those who want to create issues that split the harmony and divide Sarawak.

“It is often that these groups will use very important sounding criticism that carry sexier headlines and soundbites but they don’t carry any real meaning. Often times these are baseless and backed by no facts,” he said at the party’s media appreciation night on Dec 15.

Tiong’s speech was read by PDP deputy president Datuk Anthony Nogeh.

During a time of fake news and populism, sometimes delivering the facts can be boring to hear, Tiong asserted, but in a true and functioning democracy, everyone needs to hear the right information, not what sounds good for the moment.

“True Sarawakians will rely on each other to improve our economy and make life better for all Sarawakians.”

Tiong believed that one of the hallmarks of Malaysia’s media landscape was that Sarawakian media professionals are known for being a cooperative bunch.

“You are supportive of each other to get the job done and deliver true, accurate news to the public. This sense of cooperation really shows that people from our great state are harmonious, even though we have different beliefs and customs.

“Our culture in Sarawak is the same. We are more accepting and tolerant of our differences and many other places, even in Malaysia. We embrace these differences and make it our best asset,” Tiong added.

Thanking the media fraternity in Sarawak, Tiong said PDP truly respected and appreciated all the hard work and dedication into reporting the news that showed and preserved this spirit of togetherness.

“Please continue as you have done until today, report the news fairly and look into the deeper issues. Don’t give voice to those who want to create issues that split our harmony and let our differences divide us,” Tiong said. —DayakDaily