Stop playing blame game so Malaysia can move forward — Masing

Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing

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KUCHING, Dec 25: Malaysian leaders could learn a thing or two about forgiveness from the late South African anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela.

Despite the deep divisions caused by apartheid, Mandela was able to put revenge aside for the sake of reconciliation, according to Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing in a statement.

Masing who recently travelled to the African continent, noted that the nuances of apartheid are still present there and that it must had been hell on earth for black Africans during the apertheid regime.

“Mandela was indeed an iconic leader of reconciliation. He meant what he said and he did it wth love and forgiveness. There was not even an iota of vendetta/revenge in Mandela’s heart once he became the President in 1994 against those who had suppresed him and his people for generations!”

Masing poses for a photo with a statue of the late South African anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela.

According to Masing, Mandela was able to create a new South Africa as its president where black Africans could rise up and take their rightful place in society.

“It is my hope that the current Malaysian leaders have the heart to forgive and forget the past and move forward as one Malaysia. No more blame game. After all not all of us are angels! We must have room in our hearts to forgive those who had done wrong! Love and forgiveness was Mandela’s main message and strength.” — DayakDaily