Sng reveals evidence showing Zuraida recognising him as PBM president

Sng (left) and Zuraida.

By Nur Ashikin Louis

KUCHING, Dec 27: Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM) president Datuk Larry Sng Wei Shien has revealed a letter signed by president-designate Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin on recognising his presidency amid their renewed conflict on the party’s leadership.

The letter dated Nov 1, lists seven terms, namely the resignation of PBM secretary-general Nor Hizwan Ahmad and PBM info chief Zakaria Hamid, Sng’s authority to decide on the vacancies left in the supreme council (MT) and the cancellation of MT Meeting on Nov 3.

The letter also seeks to have Zuraida recognise the legitimacy of Sng’s presidency and appointments of the disciplinary committees and the recent appointments of MT members in Sarikei on Oct 30 and prohibited Zuraida from challenging the presidency until the end of the term or 2024 unless extended otherwise.

It also states that Sng shall sign the ‘watikah’ (candidates’ appointment letters) for all candidates named by Zuraida and if necessary, appoint her to sign the ‘watikah’ in Peninsular Malaysia.

The unveiling of the letter was Sng’s response to Zuraida and deputy president Haniza Talha’s recent statements, who have been criticising the former publicly and alleged that he had threatened other leaders by using his authority in signing endorsement letters for the 15th General Election (GE15).

Accusing Zuraida and Haniza of twisting the facts and confusing the public, Sng said that was what got them suspended in the first place.

“Fortunately for PBM, I have proof to remind them of what they had agreed upon. Facts don’t lie,” he wrote in a Facebook post last night.

On Sunday (Dec 25), MalayMail reported that Zuraida has called out Sng for being immature and failing to think rationally in managing the party.

She stated that Sng’s act in exposing party secrets on social media coupled with conflicting statements have spoiled the party’s image and brought about concern among the members.

The following day, FreeMalaysiaToday reported that Haniza has called for Sng’s resignation and urged the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to investigate Sng’s legitimacy as party president.

The PBM’s power struggle started when he had indicated his intention to make Zuraida his successor in the party in the near future during PBM’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Oct 1.

On Oct 7, a PBM Supreme Council meeting was held and the meeting was to appoint Zuraida as the new PBM president; both without Sng’s consent.

This led to the suspension of Zuraida and 12 other supreme council members who were involved in undermining the interest of the party and its leadership. — DayakDaily