Snatch theft victim saved from jaws of death

Members of the public attempting to free the victim. Her hair had gotten entangled in the chain of the motorcycle used by the snatch thief.

MIRI, July 20: Alert passers-by and Resident Committee Pujut (RC Pujut) members rescued a woman from a deadly situation after her handbag was snatched near a shopping complex at Jalan Boulevard here this afternoon.

They also made a citizen’s arrest and handed the snatch thief over to the police.

The incident unfolded when the victim was walking around the area at about 3.30pm. Suddenly, a motorcyclist appeared out of nowhere and snatched the victim’s handbag from behind.

The victim was in great danger as she was not only kicked by the suspect but was also dragged as her hair was believed to have gotten entangled in the motorcycle’s chain.

Luckily for her, alert passers-by and RC Pujut members saw the crime and rushed to her aid.

The suspect is collared.

— DayakDaily