Snake among schoolbooks triggers panic call to fire department

A firefighter expertly catches the snake and puts it in a sack.

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KOTA SAMARAHAN, Feb 5: A primary school student was shaken up when a snake curled up next to his school books late this evening.

According to Kota Samarahan fire chief PKPgB Ebby Hirwandy Sarbini, the “ular Ikan” (Ichthyophiidae) was spotted by the student and his siblings at their home in Kampong Sindang near here.

They screamed at the sight of the reptile and ran helter-skelter, causing their parents to check on them.

Upon taking a closer look, they realised it was a snake but were afraid to deal with it, so they called the fire department for assistance at 5.24pm.

Two firefighters immediately dispatched to the scene at Kampung Sindang.

They identified the reptile as a non-venomous species.

“Due to the continuous rain over the past few days causing flash floods at Kampung Sindang, the reptile had entered the house.

Although it is non-venomous, the snake can bite. Luckily the children spotted it as it was curled up next to the school books,” Ebby said.

The snake was captured with ease and later released by the firefighters to a safe place. -DayakDaily

A firefighter expertly catches the snake and puts it in a sack.