Sibu kampua mee sellers switch to chicken as pork gets dearer

Tong Ing Kok

SIBU, Jan 3: The shortage of pork and its dearer price here have caused most kampua mee sellers to use chicken meat as a substitute.

“Kampua mee sellers here have no choice but to use chicken meat instead,” said Sibu Coffeeshop and Restaurant Owners Association chairman, Tong Ing Kok today.

According to Tong, rising pork prices have left these sellers with no option but to serve this iconic Foochow dry noodle dish with chicken meat.

“Previously a kilogramme of lean meat (pork) was less than RM20 but the price has shot up to over RM30. The noodle sellers will find it hard to survive if they continue to serve pork and sell a plate of kampua mee at the current price of RM4,” he added.

Consumers, he said, are the first to be badly affected by increases in pork prices as the cost will always be passed down to them.

Tong who operates a coffee shop, said smaller restaurants are next in line to be affected by the situation.

“The present situation as we got to know is due to lack of supply. The government should step in to help pig farmers overcome this. If the government could previously solve the shortage of chicken and egg supply, why can’t they do the same for pork?” asked Tong.

Meanwhile, he also urged kampua mee sellers not to take advantage of the situation by charging customers a higher price for their orders served with pork.

“A plate of kampua mee with five slices of pork cost RM4. So don’t charge exorbitantly since there is no proper control on the price,” he said.

Tong also advised consumers to order plain kampua mee as it is more affordable if they still want to enjoy their favourite noodle dish, and also for health reasons.

“Consume less meat for better health,” he advised. — DayakDaily