Sarawak records one death, 184 new Covid-19 positive cases today

Sarawak Covid-19 statistic on Feb,11,2021 (SDMC)

KUCHING, Feb 11: One death involving Covid-19 was reported in the state today while a total of 184 new positive Covid-19 cases were recorded.

State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) said Sibu contribute the most cases with a total of 57 new cases reported, followed by Subis with 31 cases, Kapit (24), Julau (18), Sri Aman (10), Song (nine), Kuching (six), Bintulu (six), Miri (five), Pakan (four), Bukit Mabong (four), Beluru (three), Kanowit (two), and one each in Lundu, Saratok, Dalat, Limbang and Matu.

The additional new cases reported today brings the total cumulative cases in the state to 6,190 cases.

“The 56th death cases of Covid-19 which was reported in Sibu is case number 4,730, involving a local 70-year old man who was admitted in Sibu Hospital for breathing difficulty.

“A rt-PCR test conducted on Feb 2, 2021, found that the victim is positive for Covid-19. The victim’s condition was also found to have deteriorated and was pronounced dead on Feb 10, 2021. The case also has co-morbid blood cancer disease,” it said in a press statement, today.

For Sibu cases, from the total number of cases reported, 49 of the cases are derived from active contact to Covid-19 patients, followed by three from screening tests, three involving medical personnel and two from symptomatic individuals.

For Subis cluster, a total of 31 new cases involved the Pasai Cluster, while in Kapit, a total of 10 cases involved symptomatic individual screening test, five from ACD of Covid-19 patients, five from voluntary screening test and four others involved the Pasai Cluster.

In Julau, 17 cases involved the newly declared Nanga Lijan Cluster and one other case from ACD of Covid-19 patients.

Sri Aman has a total of 10 cases reported involving the Sebangkoi cluster.

In Song, five cases involved ACD of Covid-19 patients and four others involved the Pasai Cluster.

Kuching also recorded a total of six cases where five of the cases were categorised as Import B, derived from individuals returning from a high risk area namely Selangor (two), Kuala Lumpur (one), Negeri Sembilan (one) and Perak (one).

In Bintulu, a total of six cases were recorded where three cases involved the Rakut Cluster and another three from symptomatic screening tests.

For Miri, a total of five new cases were reported with two cases from ACD involving positive Covid-19 patients, one from Seruas Cluster, one from individuals returning from Kelantan, a high risk area (Import B case) and one involved a medical personnel.

In Pakan, a total of four cases were recorded involving ACD of Covid-19 patients, while Bukit Mabong reported four cases involving the Pasai Cluster.

In Beluru, two cases involved the Seruas cluster and one case involved the Rakut Cluster while Kanowit reported a total of two cases, one involved the Pasai Cluster and one other case from ACD of Covid-19 patients.

Other district also reported new cases of Covid-19 as of today are namely, Lundu, one case involving Pasai Cluster, Saratok, one case involved ACD from Covid-19 patients, Dalat, one case involving the Pasai Cluster, Limbang, one case from ACD of Covid-19 patients, and Matu, one case involving Jalan Pangiran Cluster.

On the same note, SDMC disclosed a total of 16 Covid-19 cluster remains, including the newly declared Nanga Lijan Cluster in Julau.

The active clusters are Seruas Cluster which saw three additional new cases, Sebangkoi Clusters with 10 additional new cases, Jun heng Clusters, Bintang Daily Cluster, Jalan Pangiran Cluster with one additional new cases, Tabong Cluster, Indah Riang Cluster, Bedayan Cluster, Rakut Clusters with additional five cases, Bukit Sekubong Cluster, Jelita cluster, Pasai Cluster with 51 new cases, Keranji Tabuan Cluster Bah Sayap Cluster, and Stutong Cluster. – DayakDaily.