Sarawak brings in Bella and Flash as test robots

Heritage Central Cafe's worker posing with Bella robot that work as a server at the restaurants.

KUCHING, Jan 6:  Sarawak brings in Bella and Flash as test robots for various purposes.

According to Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) general manager Dr. Zaidi Razak, Bella is a way to attract school students to venture STEM (Science, Technology, English and Mathematics), said

SMA general manager Dr. Zaidi Razak.

Dr. Zaidi in a statement today said the application of robotics technology in the food and beverages industry is very much welcome as it provides a new way for restaurants to operate.

“The present of Bella robot is also one of the solutions to address the shortage of manpower,” he said.

Imported from China, Bella came to Sarawak in Dec last year to help the operation in Heritage Central Cafe’s, and it is also the latest attraction in Kuching City.

Meanwhile, Flash was also brought to Sarawak and was placed at the Center of Technical Excellence Sarawak (Centex) in Lundu Campus.

Centex chief executive officer Syed Mohd Hussein

According to Centex chief executive officer Syed Mohd Hussein, Bella and Flash are two robots developed through artificial intelligence (AI) program introduced by Centex as test robot (testbeds).

He explained that the test robot technology is being use in hotel, restaurants, classrooms, museums, shopping complexes, banks, offices and many others business establishments.

“Both robots are using WiFi, Internet of Things (IoT) and software.

“Now, Bella is being tested at Heritage Central Cafe while Flash is stationed at Centex Lundu Campus to help android programming course,” he added.

Syed Mohd believed that the presence of Bella and Flash is the first step in advancing Sarawak towards the field of robotics. – DayakDaily