Rural Water Supply Department aims to provide faster, updated billing services for consumers in 2023

Unit Kommunikasi Awam Sarawak media personnel posing with Chang (left) at the JBALB Media Engagement event held at a leading hotel in the city. Photo by Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING, Jan 18: Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) director Chang Kuet Shian says that their main focus in 2023 is to give its consumers accurate and fast billing services which are always up-to-date.

“That is why we are talking about Service Sarawak, in which consumers not only pay JBALB but other utility bills and at the same time get all their bills updated,” he said.

“This is our focus for 2023 so that the consumer’s billing is paid efficiently and accurately,” he added.

Chang revealed this to reporters at the JBALB Media Engagement event held at a leading hotel today.

Media personnel, who attended the event, also got a commendation from JBALB for their contribution to the department.

Chang feels that JBALB was right to engage with the local media to be their partner as it has a huge network to help them in providing their services to the people better.

“If there is any information, we can give it to you as fast as possible. Any complaints or issues, you can forward them to us quickly,” he enthused.

“For example, call our service centre at 082-262 211 first, before you viral anything (on social media). That will be the best, and then we can resolve the issue faster.

“Of course, sometimes it takes a bit of time because Sarawak is huge. We need time to verify the information so that it is correct,” he stressed.

To reduce the challenges in a rural area, Chang hoped that by the end of 2023, JBALB’s numerous projects would be completed.

“I believe that 95 per cent of JBALB’s project started in 2018 and 2019, would have been completed, but were delayed due the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said. — DayakDaily