RM4 mln in grants, federal funds secured for Puncak Borneo

Datuk Willie Mongin

By Jacob Achoi

SERIAN, Aug 31: Several projects have successfully been secured for Puncak Borneo from allocations from both the Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) and Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT).

Puncak Borneo MP Willie Mongin said the projects are worth between RM2 million and RM3 million.

“For this year, I have a total allocation of RM4 million, which is RM2 million for Outright Grant (OG) and RM2 million for ‘Projek Mesra Rakyat-PMR’, where the bulk come from (KPLB) and (KPKT).

“I can’t furnish the details offhand, but of the projects which have been secured and implemented is between the region of RM2 million and RM3 million,” Willie, who is Deputy Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities told reporters today, after he officiated at the Kuching district ‘Program Merdeka@Komuniti 2020’ function at Kg Peraya Community hall in Padawan, near here.

Willie added that most of the projects from KPKT projects were for Bau District Council, Padawan Municipal Council and Serian District Council, continuing from last year’s projects.

He also pointed out that RM3 million has been secured for street lighting along Jalan Borneo Heights, where RM200,000 has been spent for the purpose.

“For the street lighting along Jalan Borneo Heights, we have allocated RM3 million, where RM200,000 (worth) has been implemented and disbursed.

“And for the remaining RM2.8 million (worth of work), it will be implemented soon because we are still waiting the Bill of Quantity (BQ) from Sarawak Electricity Berhad,” Willie said.

Willie also said his ministry will assist the initiative in Puncak Borneo mooted by Mambong assemblyman Datuk Dr Jerip Susil to plant coffee and make the area into a coffee belt.

” This planting of coffee, so too oil palm, rubber and other commodities are under the purview of my ministry (Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities), so we will support it,” he said.

He urged those who are interested in planting of such commodities to seek assistance from the ministry via the Department of Agriculture.

On the building of farm roads, Willie said it depends on the request from the people.

“For the past two years, quite a number of farm roads have been built, and this will be translated upon the request of the people who are involved in cluster farming like planting of rubber and other commodities,” he pointed out.

Hw cited Kg Emperoh Karu along Jalan Borneo Heights as an example, where 200 hectares have been planted with rubber and a farm road has been built. Similarly for Kg Stabut in Padawan.

“The initiative to build farm roads is an ongoing process upon the request of the people who are involved in planting of commodities in clusters, and it will be built through OG, ” he said. — DayakDaily