Residents of two villages advised to move to Bengoh Resettlement Scheme

Dr Jerip (seated second right) with some of the villagers in favour of moving to BRS.

KUCHING, Jan 14: Assistant Minister of Transportation Datuk Dr Jerip Susil today advised Kampung Muk Ayung and Kampung Sting folk to move to the Bengoh Resettlement Scheme (BRS), about an hour’s drive from the city.

He explained at a press conference at BRS this afternoon that residents of these two Bidayuh villages were actually offered free houses and land lots at BRS, but they, instead, opted to set up a new village settlement themselves on the fringe of the Bengoh Dam waterline, near to where their villages are.

Due to that, there are now claims on social media that the Sarawak government has been ignoring their plights for basic infrastructure and amenities.

“Forty-nine families refused to move to the BRS and decided to establish another village above the dam’s waterline. They are Kampung Muk Ayung in Taba Sait and Kampung Sting in Bojong and Rejoi.

“Of late, there has been a lot of negative feedback and publicity, especially on social media, that the village area of Kampung Muk Ayung and Kampung Sting have been neglected of basic infrastructure and amenities.

“It is to be made clear that the residents of these two villages must accept the offer by the state government to ensure that they take their houses and land lots allotted to them in BRS,” Dr Jerip emphasised.

He added that a moving allowance of RM8,000 per household had also been allotted to the affected villagers. In addition, the houses and land lots at BRS are given free to them.

“We understand that the children of these two villages are calling on their parents to accept the houses, which are given free so that they can stay in and work in Kuching city,” he said.

Dr Jerip also pointed out that the Bengoh Dam Reservoir was an important water source for Kuching. Hence, it was important that the catchment area is protected to ensure the water level is maintained and the quality of water not contaminated.

He also called upon Pakatan Harapan (PH) members not to politicise the matter but to help persuade folk from these two villages to move to the BRS.

“This will benefit them in the long run. This will also ensure our water source is not compromised in terms of quantity and quality,” said Dr Jerip. — DayakDaily