Rep: Traditional longhouse gotong royong spirit must stay in vogue

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau (clad in blue attire) posing for a group photo with the programme's participants.

By Jayhtaleela K

MIRI, Dec 10: The strong community spirit of ‘gotong-royong’, particularly in Orang Ulu longhouses should still be maintained today, asserts Telang Usan Assemblyman Dennis Ngau.

Speaking at the Long Atip’s ‘Gotong Royong Perdana 2020’ organised by Persatuan Penduduk Masyarakat Long Atip Telang Usan last Saturday, he opined, rural community or longhouse dwellers should continue upholding generations-tested culture, the legendary Orang Ulu community spirit – “ Gotong-Royong “ or work party, especially among the current and future generation.

“All things with regards to village matter has been successful due to this unique behavior and spirit of our people,” he reckoned.

“We could say that this has been the bedrock keeping rural Longhouses progressing despite all the difficulties faced in managing the village affairs,” he pointed out.

This is one value which we must maintain and practice, he said.

“I am happy to see many youths in villages have joined in the work party held at their longhouse because despite of the changes or challenges of modern days living, this could be youth learning process from village elders,” he added.

He added gotong royong is also an excellent way to maintain human touch among longhouse dwellers as a rural community is also not spared from massive rural-urban migration happenings as a result of good education attainment and in search of a job opportunity.

Dennis also reminded the longhouse folks not to be ignorant of the benefit of working with their community through events or programmes.

“Those are good for not only self-gratification but also to give you access to other people in the community you can use for networking,” he stresses out.

The gotong-royong on Saturday was supported by the Long Atip’s village Development and security committee(JKKK), Telang Usan Long Atip’s SarawK National Youth Organisation (Saberkas) unit, FAJAR International college Miri, BOMBA Miri, National Anti-Drugs Agency (AADK) Miri branch, Lakin Bungan Apau Kayan Association, Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB), Sarawak Sabah Petronas Gas Pipeline (SSGP), SAMLING, 4×4 Youth group and participated by more than 100 people.

Also present at the program were Penghulu Nawan Luhat, Tuai Kaum Wilson Anyie, KK Long Atip, Organising Chairmen of the Program Joseph Jok, Paren Lah Chairman of Persatuan Penduduk Masyarakat Long Atip Telang Usan, Fredrick Uyo Chairman of SABERKAS Unit Long Atip. – DayakDaily